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How Do You Market Yourself with Business Cards?

Business cards have long been considered the social calling card of the professional world. Although not strictly necessary for a business to operate, they nevertheless play a vital role in tacitly marketing and promoting a particular company’s operations. Here are some of the ways that well-organized, professionally printed business cards in Los Angeles can be effectively used as a low-cost marketing tool.


Business letters are sent for a variety of reasons, including for informational, congratulatory, warning, or request purposes. While the letter is effective on its own, many executives include a professional business card as a personal note of acknowledgement to accompany the letter. Sometimes the business card reinforces the letter sender’s professional identification and company representation. Often, the card is meant to be stashed in a desk drawer for convenient future reference. Either way, at a glance the card quickly reinforces to the reader the identity and credentials of the sender.

Shipping accessory.

Sometimes when products are shipped, an employee’s company business card will be enclosed with the product or even attached to the outside of the package. The purpose of including a business card is almost as though to send a personal greeting from the individual represented on the card. In other cases, the business card provides a distinct name and contact information for the recipient if there are questions or concerns about the product. The business card connects the shipper with a name to make the transaction more personalized and meaningful.

Networking tool.

Any business community will typically host numerous events to bring companies and executives together for networking purposes. These may include business luncheons that may include a speaker or raffle, after-work greet and meets, or weekend golf tournaments, for example. Members typically introduce themselves and swap business cards, which is a great way to build contacts and professional connections for future business dealings. This also helps to promote a company and its representative to other members of the business community. BNI- local networking in Los Angeles.

Public event introductions.

Trade shows, conferences, community fairs or festivals, seminars, and other public events provide opportunities to set up a booth or table. Company reps often leave several business cards sitting out so visitors can take one for reference. With the cardholder’s name and title on the card, it helps to keep the company’s name fresh in the recipient’s mind if referenced for future transactions after the event.

Elevator speech.

An elevator speech is a brief statement summarizing the identity or purpose of a particular person that could take place during the short time you might share an elevator with someone you want to know. A business card that is nicely laid out with the person’s name, title, and company contact information is the perfect natural elevator speech when meeting a prospective customer or business contact in an elevator. It also works well while standing in line, along with other short-term, informal waiting sequences. Instead of trying to verbally explain your identification and company affiliation, you can state your name and company briefly while handing the new acquaintance a business card that is conveniently kept in your pocket for such opportunities. The best elevator speech here

Business cards are the most succinct and cost-effective way to market yourself or your company in brief encounters. Most executives carry cards with them to business meetings of all kinds, even those for personal dealings, such as meeting with a financial planner or an estate planning attorney. You never know who you will run into that may want a business card. Alternately, you may decide to offer a card to your child’s teacher, for example, if she or he happens to mention an interest in your line of business. The opportunities are endless, so keep a supply of professional, attractive business cards with you at all times. You never know when you may want to give one way or exchange with another business professional. Such unique opportunities, if missed, seldom recur.

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Designing the best business card in Los Angeles

There are many things to keep in mind when trying to design a business card. Most importantly, that the business card is to look as good as the company is, if not better. A business card is the first thing that many prospective customers see. It can either reel them in or it can be used to throw away chewing gum. The difference is in the design.

Whatever business the card is for, there are a few rules that should always be followed. First rule is to include all important information on the card. If there is only a name or a phone number on the card chances are it will be discarded. Company name, contact information, and a few words describing the services offered should be clearly discernible. Second, bright or contrasting colors should be used. A standard white card with black print on it will not stand out to anyone. However, a card that has bright colors or a good contrast will automatically catch the eye. Third, some kind of picture, logo, or symbol should be on the card. People are very visual and the more there is to look at the more they will look. Which brings up cautionary number four, the design should never be over complicated or cluttered. Lastly, boarders are to be avoided at all costs. While printing papers can move and the design can shift on a few cards. If there is a boarder this will be much more noticeable.

Each card design should be just as unique as the company is. In fact, when designing a card the concept of the company’s services should always be kept in mind. This also extends to the functionality of the card. Will the card just sit there or will it be able to do something? An example of a multipurpose business card is an edible one. Those businesses who serve pastries could be communicating their information as well as showing off their skills. The card should remind customers of the services that it is advertising.

Font is another important thing to consider while creating a business card. The font sets the tone and feel that will be associated with the business that the card is advertising. Also, only fonts that can be easily read should be used. Otherwise a mistake could be made and potential customers may never find the business.

Color is king for business card printing in LA. On average, people will keep a card with color ten times longer than a card without. Not only does color set the mood but it also can let the customer know they’re in good hands. For example, when designing a card for day care primary colors and crayon images could be used. This livens up the card and brings excitement to it. However, those same colors and images would not work as well for advertising a funeral home. Also, the color pallet CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) should be used instead of RGB (Red, Green, Blue). If RGB is used, the colors will not translate exactly while printing. CMYK colors will.

Just as there should not be a border because of inconsistencies in printing, there should also be room to bleed. Bleeding room is extra room granted on all sides to ensure that nothing necessary will be cut off on accident. Highlighting an area around the card approximately 3 mm thick with the same color as the background on the card will ensure ample room for printing error.

The finish of the card is also important. This is what the customer will be touching and it has to exemplify the business. There are typically three types of finishes to choose from: smooth, linen, and laid. If the company is for fabrics or something homey, the linen is normally the choice. Meanwhile, if the card is advertising something sleek and new a smooth finish is usually better.

To really make the card stand out, an inversion can be used. This means flipping the colors on the front side to the back. For example, if the card has blue lettering on an eggshell background on one side then the other side will have eggshell lettering on a blue background.

Lastly, the material of the card has to be considered. There are so many materials to choose from when making a business card that this can easily be the thing to make or break the card. Choosing something that will be descriptive of the company while still professional can be a challenge. However, this is not something to be discouraged by. Selecting something sleek, like brushed metal, for advertising technology is a great alternative to just cardstock. Material can make the card really stand out and scream the business so it should be picked with care.

Los Angeles Business cards are extremely important as they are the best way to reach customers face to face. This means that the card should be designed with care. However, designing the card should not be something to stress about. Instead, the card should become a natural extension of the company it is advertising.

It should present itself like the business would.

What you should Consider Before Printing your Business Card

In running a business, an entrepreneur must be able to showcase himself by presenting a business card. If you are an entrepreneur, then this card contains your information, like the company name, your full name, your position in the company and your contact information. The size of a business card is usually 2 inches by 3.5 inches rectangular, but there are other sizes as well. It all depends on the creativity of the person.

Presenting a business card is done upon meeting with a prospective client. This shows that you are willing to engage in a working environment with a chosen client. Depending on the type of business, it is important to make the business card professional to make a mark on your client’s mind.
Make sure that you obtain a printer that could print designs in the size of a small card. Also, remember to pick one that can make your card alive and fantastic in cardboard paper.
Consider these things before creating and printing your business card. You do not want to accidentally create the wrong type of card for the company, only to impose a bad impression on your client’s head, right?

1. Get a suitable printer that can print in cardboard texture without harming the system. To be able to make your business card come to life, you must first print it using a suitable printer. Almost all kinds of printers can accommodate cardboards. It is just that not all printers can create high quality prints in physical paper.
Pick quality over quantity. Pick a printer that can produce quality prints rather than focusing on the amount of prints that it can achieve. An ineffective printer could create more mess than you think. Trying to print a cardboard paper to a printer made only for regular bond paper could damage the whole system.

2. Keep your card simple and unique. Having a business card that resembles many others would not gain a mark on your client’s mind. They might think that you are just like everyone else. It could ruin the chances of making business with the prospective client. Make the client think highly of your company by creating a simple card that states everything that the client will need to know. Keep it fresh and one-of-a-kind.

3. Construct a card design related to your company’s purpose. If your company is about real estate, put tiny buildings at the bottom of the card. Use light colors to emphasize the design. However, if your company manufacturers children’s toys and games, use bright colors and light sketches. It would also be nice to use kiddie script for the words to emphasize that the focus of the company are children. If your company focuses on event organization, you could use either a simple card or a more extravagant one, depending on the type of event that you accommodate.
An extravagant design could mean adding a dimly lit mini portfolio in your card. This is not always acceptable, as it may seem unprofessional at times. Whatever the design you choose, make sure that it has complete relation to the goods or services offered by your company. You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”

4. Do not put too much design or information in the card. Too much design could ruin the professionalism of the business card. It could make you seem like a total joke. Too much information could ruin the design of the card. It could also confuse the client. Remove unnecessary information to add space for other elements. Crowding up the card with unnecessary information may ruin your chances of making business.

5. Use words to convey meaning. Place the necessary information in the card. State the tagline of the company. This will make the company’s purpose more known. Use appropriate font styles and colors that suit the background design and the company’s purpose. Words constructed with the wrong font style may ruin the overall design of the card; while words constructed using the wrong color may make the words hardly readable. If it gets hard to read, the client may not spend as much time to read the other information stated in the business card.

6. Add a photo in the business card to make it seem more personalized. Placing your personal professional-looking photo could make the client remember more about you – not just your physical features, but also the skills and interest that you projected during the time of your meeting. It could create a huge mark to obtain the client’s trust. Think about it this way, the client meets hundreds of other prospective business partners every month. Even if you do not make a mark in their minds, they might not even remember what you look like.

7. Observe other types of business cards to get ideas on design. Obtaining different types of business cards and looking into every detail can help you create the right design for your card. Everything that is placed in the business card has its purpose. It could be either for the sake of the design or as a means to show the company’s purpose. Look at other types of cards to get a hint on how to do yours. Just make sure that you do not copy certain parts of it.

8. Use shaped cards to show a more thrilling and adventurous side of your company. This is only applicable to companies with an adventurous purpose – like a daycare or a party place. Creating a doll or a teddy bear design for a daycare sounds good. It shows off the purpose of the company. At the same time, it shows the client that the company exists for the sake of children. This is not always appropriate because clients may lose interest in shaped business cards with no relation to the company’s mission and vision.

9. Choose a textured cardboard to show more style. Depending on the type of business and the type of printer, it would be good to use a card with texture. Usually, the card design is simple when using a textured paper for a business card. It gives less attention to the design and more to the texture of the paper. Some companies also use scented cardboards to print their business card. It looks more prestigious that way.

10. Last but not the least, print your business card. After carefully designing your card, it is now time to print them. Remember to obtain the best type of ink available on the market for optimum results.

After printing your business cards, you are now free to distribute each of them to your heart’s content. Amaze your prospective clients by your sense of style and uniqueness.

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