Print Your Own Wedding Invitations in Los Angeles

Printing Your Own Wedding Invitations in LA


Weddings are expensive and brides and grooms are grateful to find ways to save money. Perhaps you find yourself in this situation? Don’t worry because we’re here to help. Planning weddings is stressful as it is and the last thing you want is to add more items to your to-do list, right?


So with that in mind, we’ve written a comprehensive article on how to go about printing your own wedding invitations. This is a part of your wedding expenses where you can definitely lower your costs. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and in fact, you can make use of a wide range of creative ideas to make the invitation your own.


You can do it one of two ways, printing at home or printing with help. Here is a look at both methods.


Before you start the printing process, you will need a pre-made design, called a printable. There are links to three companies that sell printables online for invitations and requirements for weddings, as well as for other occasions:


The easiest way to print at home


This is the process to use if you simply want the invitations as quickly and affordably as possible. It’s simple and uncomplicated, and not too time consuming. The end product may not be perfect, but it definitely gets the job done, leaving your more time and money for the wedding dress and food!


Here is the eight-step process:


  1. Buy a design online that doesn’t require a lot of ink. If your image has a great deal of solid area, it will suck up ink. This is not appropriate for this type of printing. You need to choose a design with lots of white space.
  2. Order pre-cut cards stock from a supplier in the size you need. For example, check out Paper Source.
  3. Be sure to order stock for more than the number of invitations you need. Plan for the extra because the printer will eat some of the stock.
  4. Don’t forget the envelopes. Getting them in a contrasting color is an easy way to add pizazz to your invitation. You can get these from a number of suppliers, including Paper Source.
  5. You will need to stock up on ink cartridges, in each color you use. Even designs that aren’t ink-heavy still use a lot of ink for a set of wedding invitations.
  6. Do a test run. This is essential so that you don’t waste money on ink and card stock.
  7. Feed the stock into the printer, piece by piece. This can get tedious, but it’s the only way to be sure the printer functions correctly. Don’t try to automate this because if something goes wrong and you’re not there, you will end up with unusable invitations and a printer with paper stuck inside.
  8. Set up a quick website that lists all the extra information your guests will need. List the URL in your wedding invitation. The website could include a map, directions, where to park and detailed contact information. Using a website eliminates the need for multiple inserts in your wedding invitation, which drives up printing costs and mailing expense.


The Higher Quality Way to Print at Home


If you want to produce an invitation on better paper, you can still print it at home. The process is very similar, but requires a more expensive type of paper stock made of 100% cotton paper.


Here are the nine steps to follow:


  1. Buy a design that isn’t too ink heavy. This is important.
  2. Order 100% cotton paper either online or at a local store. It pays to shop around because prices can vary considerably. As long as it is guaranteed 100% cotton, you can use it.
  3. Buy more paper than you need because it is inevitable that your printer will eat some of it.
  4. Buy envelopes either to match or in a complementary color.
  5. The paper probably won’t come in the correct size for your invitations. A local quick print or photocopy shop has paper cutters than can make a professional-looking cut on a stack of paper. Bring your paper stock and pay them for the use of their cutter. Some shops will let you do it for free. Even if they charge, it is minimal.
  6. Buy a paper cutter for your home. They come in a wide range of prices and you don’t need an expensive one. This investment will save you frustration. Even with advance planning, you will still likely need to cut more stock. With a paper cutter handy, you will be ready.
  7. Buy extra ink in all the colors you will be using. Printing uses up a great deal of ink.
  8. Feed the cotton paper into your printer. Be sure to oversee the process. Though it takes time, it saves you frustration because you can deal with problems as they come up.
  9. Put up a website that lists all the extra information your guests will need, printing the web address on your invitation. Include a map, directions, where to park, detailed contact information, and anything useful for your guests. This way you don’t have to worry about printing up inserts, paying the costs involved in printing, and buying extra postage.


Getting Help with Printing Wedding Invitations LA


You can do a combination of do-it-yourself and outside help to produce your wedding invitations, a method that will still save you money and give you control over the finished product.


Why would you want outside help?

  • Feeding card stock into a printer is tedious and frustrating. Home printers routinely eat a percentage of the paper.
  • Ink for home printers is expensive. It can easily add $50 or more to your costs.


Printing companies that operate online offer great prices but the end product is not always top quality. Often the printing is shiny, even if the stock has a matte finish. Others charge for an entire set of wedding printables, making the package too expensive for the true do-it-yourselfer.

The solution is a combination of your own efforts and the printing equipment of a local quick print shop. One big advantage of going this route is that you can buy fancier paper like one with a linen finish. Many shops will quote you a price, based on your providing the paper, that includes printing and cutting the invitations. Price varies, according to where you live and if there are special considerations with your design. In many areas, the work can be done for under $50.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Buy a design from a company that does printables. You aren’t limited to those that require little ink because a print shop’s equipment can handle ink-heavy designs.
  2. Buy paper. You can order any type because you aren’t limited by the capacity of your home printer. An upscale, but affordable, choice is textured paper. One good source is Paper and More.
  3. Get a quote from a print company that is willing to do the printing if you provide the paper.
  4. Buy a professional paper cutter, which will cost you about $150. This will make it easier to handle the miscellaneous cutting requirements for the other printables associated with your wedding.
  5. Be flexible. Even with outside printing, your invitations will still be a do-it-yourself process. Don’t stress if something is crooked or other imperfections appear. Don’t worry if one invitation doesn’t match another one. Your guests won’t compare them!


Here is a look at how this worked for Meg Keene of She wrote a post about her experience about organizing her invitations.

She ordered a design from Printable Press, bought linen finish paper from Paper and More. She decided to send out an invitation with a full set of inserts, so she put together an invitation suite, including an RSVP, directions and other information, creating a pocketfold to hold it. She did her own design for the RSVP and the rehearsal dinner because she couldn’t afford to buy a design for them. She had friends to help her assemble the invitation suite. Her husband was in charge of collecting addresses and printing envelopes. She got her invitations done at a price she could afford and she had full control over the design choice.

You can do it too! If you’re willing to put in some time and effort, you can make your own invitations, saving significant amounts of money. You have the satisfaction of creatively contributing to a successful wedding.

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